Apart from using this blog to communicate on contract law and related issues, we have exciting things planned that hopefully all in the contruction profession will find useful and enjoy! Here are some of them:

1. Construction News Section

Here we will be gathering summaries and links to interesting articles in the mainstream and trade media that we think you might find of interest. Feel free to post comments with your own links and comments. We shall endeavour to update the News section on a daily basis and hope to launch this Category in the next 48 hours. So keep checking the blog if you would find a mini-gateway to Construction News in Wales and South West useful!  

2. Construction Industry Press Room

Here journalists will be able to locate our latest media rich press releases as well as the latest press releases and vital information on all Professional Associations related to Construction operating in the area.  

3. Construction Industry Training & Seminars

Here we will be uploading video recordings of our Seminars. We have a wealth of experience in providing in-house seminars and bespoke training in all relevant subjects, including General Contract Law, Claims Preparation/Analysis, Standard Forms of Contracts, Negotiation, Arbitration and Measurement and now we have decided to share our most popular seminars with you! In addition, this will be the place for our delegates to upload their comments on the training received and their feedback.

These are just a few of ideas we have for Contruction World. If you have any suggestions on what areas we should cover to benefit the Construction Community further, do not hesitate to leave a comment! We look forward to seeing you on our blog,

Kind regards

Alway Associates Team  


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