Alway Associates was launched in 1990 to provide commercially sensible problem avoidance and dispute resolution support to help our clients to run their construction contracts more effectively.

Our South West office has been operational for just under 10 years, and our office staff have established somewhat of a reputation as dispute resolution specialists serving all of Wales, Bath, Bristol and all areas up and down the M4 corridor, as well as knowledgable collectors of early 21st Century Cadbury bars and Hob Nobs’ wrappers. Our Director Robert Shawyer is a particularly descerning and devoted consumer of the same.

Here we will be sharing our experiences and thoughts on construction law, construction industry news and related issues.

In addition, we hope to foster a productive network of construction industry professionals, property developers and businessmen by bringing you useful, up to date and infromative articles and resources on Construction Law, dispute resolution, arbitration, mediation, adjudication, conciliation, claims and expert evidence.

We look forward to your questions, contributions and comments!

Kind regards

Alway Associates Team


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